HealthSouth Continuum of Care

Exactly what we mean by the HealthSouth continuum of care is how we help patients with seamless transitions from their current hospital to HealthSouth, and throughout the rehabilitation process. A case manager is assigned to each patient and depending on the illness or injury, HealthSouth patients may experience all or part of the following:

Phase I:

Transition to HealthSouth for inpatient rehabilitation (overnight stay) – most of the patients we treat have suffered a serious illness or injury. The average inpatient length of stay is two weeks, depending on the patient’s rehabilitation needs and progress.

Phase II:

A patient may be discharged to home, but may still need therapy to continue progress outpatient therapy. This is where the patient comes back to the hospital at a scheduled time to continue rehabilitation with HealthSouth therapists. Outpatient therapy continues anywhere from a week to several weeks, depending on the patient and the condition.

Phase III:

Some patients return home, but still need additional care. Many HealthSouth hospitals offer Home Health services. If your HealthSouth hospital doesn’t offer this service, your case manager will direct you to options in your area. The case manager will also make the transition to home easier for patients with helpful devices like wheelchairs, walkers and entry ramps, if needed.

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